3CX Trunk problems

Firstly I know 3CX isn't officially supported at either end but others seem to be able to get it to work, why can't I?

The trunk is set up in 3CX and is registered, Voipfone support have confirmed it is registerd. Outgoing rules are working and the 3CX log shows the call being refused by Viopfone as 603 No funds. I have both free funds from the trial and I have added call credit but still no dice. Anyone have an idea what I have wrong?

I also can't receive incoming calls on the 05 number, every attempt comes back as Invalid number, nothing appears to be logged at Voipfone so have no information to go on so at a bit of a loss, nothing is lagged at 3CX so doesn't seem to get that far.

At a bit of a loss so would appreciate any help you can offer.

3CX trunk settings are as follows:

Registrar/Server/Gateway Hostname or IP: sip.voipfone.net
Outboint proxy: sip.voipfone.net
Number of SIM Calls: 2
Type of Authentication: Register/Account based
Authentication ID (aka SIP User ID): 30***** [my account number]
Authentication Password: ****** [My six digit voipfone password]

Main Trunk No: 30***** [My account number]
DIDs: 30***** [My account number]

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