Re: Different IVR message when open and when out of hours.

Thanks for getting in touch.

The option you're looking for doesn't exist directly as a feature. However, when using our Business Hours feature you can have a greeting that says you're closed.

Although the caller will still get the menu options, as soon as they make a selection they'll get the message to let them know you're closed.

I hope this helps.


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Re: Different IVR message when open and when out of hours.

Five years on from the original posting and nothing has changed. Quite a basic requirement I would have thought for the business user. A time of day Menu option would certainly go down well with me also for the business being open or closed with the icing on the cake of a third option to cope with national holidays. Must be quite frustrating for the caller to make a menu selection only to eventually be connected to Voicemail.

Add on "me to" to this posting and maybe the feature will be created by Voipfone.

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