Audio delay on calls to mobiles

We have recently over the past 4-5 weeks kept a call log after we started getting cut-outs and massive audio lag on certain calls.

We noticed that all the numbers that this occurred on were mobiles. We then did a test on several phones to check it wasn't a random coincidence and found that it was specific to certain mobile phone numbers (although not sure what the relation is).

This is happening fairly regularly and is not occurring on calls to landlines and no other problems on our network, which indicates the problem is unlikely to be on our end.
Any help would this would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

Re: Audio delay on calls to mobiles

Have you tried an echo test, both from your end, AND back to Voipfone?

The number is 152 from your voipfone extension. Try it a few times.

Also, you say it is "specific to certain mobile phone numbers" - with so much porting these days, it's almost impossible to tell from online lookup lists to find what service a number is on, but have you tried asking the people which provider they are with?

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