Out of hours divert


Outside of business hours rather than going to voicemail we put the divert on to a mobile phone.

We then switch it back off again in the morning.

It would be great to have the same facility as the business hours for voicemail but for a call divert.



Re: Out of hours divert

Hi SmallFry,

This is something that is currently with development and will be added in the near future.

If possible can you please email support@voipfone.co.uk with the request and your account details and we can get your request also added to the development list.

Kind Regards,

Mark - Customer Services

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Re: Out of hours divert

I'm relatively new to voipfone, but have found my way around diverts and voicemails OK I think.

I couldn't see this facility however. But then again, I can't see it for voicemails either which the OP suggests exists.

I'd like to be able to configure business hours and it be possible to at least to divert to voicemail out of hours.

Beyond that, being able to configure a different message for out of hours compared to busy/not answered would be very useful and is a fairly standard function on other systems.

Out of hours based call divert is not critical for us, but I can see how we might use this in the future.

Am I missing how this can already be done? If not, could we get an update on current plans for this area as the "coming soon" post above is quite old now?


Re: Out of hours divert

So I see the different voicemails request has been made before (I saw in 2012). I suppose I shouldn't hold my breath.

Is there any kind of roadmap of future releases or some visibility of which if any of the requests in this forum have made it to some kind of stage (e.g. assessed, rejected, planned, in development, beta)

It seems a bit one way at present.

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