Tapi not always showing up in ACT

I have installed the standard tapi driver on about a dozen pcs (all XP Pro SP2) and enabled it in both ACT and Sage. On the first 5 it works independently in both packages. But on all the later installations (nothing knowingly different), Sage is fine, but ACT only works (the contacts icon/menu item available) if the dialler application is pre loaded. If you launch ACT alone the contacts items are grey. If you launch Sage first (which launches the dialler) or launch the dialler manually then ACT starts up with the phone contacts available.

I haven't done any exhaustive experiments (installation sequences etc.), but every time I install a new pc I get this problem and yet the first five I did still work perfectly. The tapi driver is still the same one I downloaded in the first place. All the pcs are intended to be effectively the same.

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