TAPI requirements

Please could someone update the FAQ/announcement as appropriate.

1. TAPI plugin requires a modem installed on the PC. Y/N
2. TAPI plugin uses Callback on the PSTN line your PC is connected to. Y/N
3. TAPI plugin creates a pseudo modem and issues an IP command for your SIP phone to ring and be connected to the rquested number. Y/N

I am looking for the functionality of #3 above, but reading the posts in this forum, it appears that I need a modem?

I am outside the UK (very expensive call band) so callback is not viable, plus I want the IP phone to ring not the PSTN.

Any expanded explanation of how the plugin works would be appreciated.

And another thing...

Having installed the plugin the Voipfone TAPI Driver does not appear on the list of service providers.

Confirm that Windows 2000 is supported?

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