Change + to 00 for international calls

I've installed the TAPI for Outlook and it works perfect with me Outlook 2003 client.

However, all my contacts are registered with their international number e.g. +45 33 41 85 50 .. And for UK and German contacts this works fine - however, when I try to dial Danish contacts it dosent work. I receive the dial-back on my phone but as soon as I answer it disconnects. By changing the number from +45 33418550 to 00 4533418550 I can get it to work - but this is a little irritating as my whole address book is listed with +xxxxx numbers.

What can be wrong?


K. Herschel

It should work with both 00 and + but i will look in to this now and if we do have to update anything it will be done server side and you will not need to make any changes

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Just installed this excellent TAPI interface and its speeding up my entire days work being able to place calls from TAPI compliant programs in XP - well done!

However I also have the +44 problem - I have 987 contact in my Outlook Contact list - all with the + Country Code Number notation and I really dont want to have to change them all to 00 Country Code Number if at all possible as this can cause problems on my phone when abroad.

Was this issue ever solved?

Kind Regards


I stopped using the program because I have a large contact list as well - and all of them are registered with +4xxxxx.

Have you tried to use the TAPI program??

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