3CX Caller ID with Multiple SIP numbers

I'm trying to set up our 3CX box to use with Voipfone. I can register the trunk and make and receive calls however the outbound caller ID is not being selected properly and the 3CX box doesn't seem to be able to correctly see the DID number to apply the correct routing to extensions. Any help?

Seems that for outbound calls - the only way to set the caller ID is on the voipfone control panel - which obviously doesn't let, for example, ext 100 dial out using 03333333331 and ext 101 dial out using 0333333332. The outbound caller ID is set using the extension settings in the 3CX management console and is put in the "From: Display Name", "Remote Party ID - Calling Party: Display Name" and "Remote Party ID - Calling Party: User Part" sip fields.

* We aren't using voipfone extensions - we're using extensions set up in the 3CX.

Conversly, the DID information doesn't seem to be being passed through for inbound calls so what we have is the routing set for the Port being applied only, rather than the routing we have configured for each DDI/DID or Caller ID. The 3CX is expecting the caller ID to be in the "To: User Part" sip field.

Re: 3CX Caller ID with Multiple SIP numbers

Spoke to Voipfone support today - for anyone with a similar issue - they don't pass the CallerID information along with the call.

So if you have more than one number, set up an extra extension (cost of £1pm) and set this up in the voipfone control panel to use a specific number for inbound and outbound calls.

Then on your 3CX set up a port for each number you have with Auth ID as [accountnumber - 3*******]*ext. This allows you to route calls based on the port rather than the DID.

For outbound calls you have to set the outbound caller ID from the voipfone control panel on a per extension basis. This translates on your 3CX box to a different caller ID on each port. So set your 3CX extensions to use specific ports in the Outbound Rules.

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