Asterisk 1.4 - Incoming calls busy tone.

Hi all,

I have tried all day to get my home asterisk installation working. I can dial out ok, but nothing is working inbound, nor can my extensions call each other at the moment. I'm hoping someone on this forum can help me get it all fixed! If you have the time, here's the situation:

2 x Extensions - Office and Private (ext 6000 and 6001)
Asterisk 1.4 installed with Asterisk GUI
Public static IP registered with Voipfone - confirmed in Asterisk GUI
Internal LAN of, Asterisk server is
NAT and FW policy applied to allow SIP and SIP_Streams inbound from Voipfone to asterisk server
Calls outbound working just fine - CallerID passed ok.
Inbound calls to CallerID fail with a busy tone.
Calls from 6000 to 6001, or vice versa - fail.
I am using a Cisco 7960 with P0S3-8-12-00 SIP firmware loaded, the two extensions are accessed from the first two line keys on the phone.

I am pretty sure the issue is down to my contexts and the extension definitions in the extensions.conf file, but I'm struggling to understand the file format structure. All I want the system to do is during working hours the calls go through to the Office line, then out of hours the calls go to the voicemail of ext 6000. The Asterisk GUI adds a whole load of text to the config files and I'm not sure what I can safely delete!

Any help is really appreciated,

Re: Asterisk 1.4 - Incoming calls busy tone.

Are you registering to sip.voipfone,net?

Have you set an 'inbound route' for your account number?

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