Trixbox and DIDs

Hi. We setup our Trixbox system to connect to Voipfone exactly as specified here:

Of course we substituted our ID and Password.

We have 3 numbers configured on our Voipfone account. Any inbound call to any number is always routed to the inbound route that we have configured as our userID. How can I configure our system/voipfone so that calls for each DID go to different inbound routes?

Andy W.

Re: Trixbox and DIDs

Did anyone ever get any infomation about DID and call routing? the infomation I have had back from voipfone says the only was to do this is by unsing different tunks from voipfone, which seems alittle over the top. And they will then charge you to move a phone number from one account to the other.

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