Designing a virtual operator in Asterisk

I need a help in designing a virtual operator in asterisk.
I want to know how I will proceed for this.

Once the call is made by the user, by setting TRANSFER_CONTEXT variable the call is transferred to the virtual operator and the virtual operator make the call to the desired extension, the extension is dialed on the basis of the name provided by the caller while connect to the virtual operator, the virtual operator parked the caller call till it is connecting to the callee, once the call is connected the virtual respond to th caller indicating him/her that the call is being connected to the desired extension, If the extensions not respond or busy then the virtual operator asked the caller for leaving the voicemail.
I want to know what need to be done in the sip.conf,extensions.con,features.conf file of the asterisk to implement the above, and I also want to know how it is implemented in real time i.e. database(MySQL).

I am highly grateful, if anybody kindly send me the reply as my project is on deadline.

I appreciate if the answer is send to my mail

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