Addressbook Addon Request for possible CRM integration


Would it be possible to add a field in the address book for a url or link of some type for each contact, that would open up a particular document in Microsoft Excel? Perhaps, with a second field for another link to the login for the CRM?

This may be a simple solution for my current needs. I could set up a spreadsheet in Excel with the same fields as my CRM (Sugar), then just export that as a csv file at the end of the day (or whenever).

I thought this might be possible, similar to the way that it opens a new message in your e-mail software (in my case Entourage as I'm on a Mac) when you click an e-mail address in the address book.

Hope this isn't too silly a thought :oops:

Any suggestions or advances on this way forward would be appreciated.



We are in the final stages of testing the Voipfone Tapi Plug-in and this should in theory work with any tapi software for example Microsoft Outlook.

It allows you to call a contact direct from your address book and start new journal entries for each call.

Unfortunately our software does not support the mac at this time.

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OK, that's useful for the people on a PC :twisted: ( :lol: ) , but it can't be too difficult to add a 'Website'/url field to the Addressbook :shock: . This would be a really handy addition in many cases, and would appreciate if it could be looked into by your web developer when they've got a spare moment... I'll send a box of chocolates... honest! :mrgreen:



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