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      If it's about VoIP, SIP or Internet Telephony but it doesn't seem to fit anywhere else, stick it here.

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    2. Suggestion for New Voipfone Products, Services and Features

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      We develop all our own software, which means we can build new VoIP based services as we need them. So if you want a new service just add it to this list. We can't guarantee building it, but we will consider every suggestion and the more people say they want it, the more likely we are to build it.

      1. Vote for the Voipfone features you want us to develop
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    3. Virtual Assistants Forum

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      Virtual Assistants (VAs) answer calls for individuals and businesses and Voipfone hosts several VA services on its network. This is an experimental forum requested by VAs for the discussions and support of VAs and their customers.

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    4. Transcription Services

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