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    1. Voipfone General Information and FAQs

      107 Topics 253 Posts

      General information about Internet Telephony, VoIP, Voipfone, how it all works and common problems. It's worth having a look before you post.

      107 Topics
      253 Posts
    2. Hardware Support

      612 Topics 2332 Posts

      VoIP hardware is developing fast - this is where you ask all those ''how do I make my SIP Telephone, Adapter or Asterisk box work with Voipfone" questions?

      1. Phone Setup Guides
      2. Adaptor Setup Guides
      612 Topics
      2332 Posts
    3. Softphone Support

      174 Topics 594 Posts

      Mainly for X-Lite Users, but also for any other SIP based softphones you want to talk about or recommend for use with Voipfone.

      1. Softphone Setup Guides
      2. Download Zoiper Softphone
      174 Topics
      594 Posts
    4. Voipfone Virtual PBX Support

      363 Topics 1416 Posts

      Post here for discussions and problem solving for Virtual PBX extensions, Call Queues, Business Hours, IVR etc

      363 Topics
      1416 Posts
    5. Routers, Firewalls & NAT

      59 Topics 200 Posts

      The bane of VoIP's life. Getting across these can be tricky. Post your configs, tips and tricks and ask for help. Someone out there has made your router work with your phone on Voipfone's network.

      59 Topics
      200 Posts
    6. Broadband Support

      28 Topics 108 Posts

      This forum is for all aspects of broadband including our own product - Voipfone Managed Broadband.

      1. Getting Started, Router Config
      28 Topics
      108 Posts
    7. Asterisk and other hardware PBX Support

      76 Topics 270 Posts

      We allow unlimited and free SIP trunks for connecting your Asterisk box (or other VoIP based, hardware PBX) to the external telephone network.
      Solve your PBX problems here.

      76 Topics
      270 Posts
    8. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Integration

      24 Topics 88 Posts

      This looks like being a interesting area of development work for us. We want to build simple & generic but poweful services for CRM users. We'd be very interested in hearing your views and requirements for features so we build what you actually want.

      24 Topics
      88 Posts
    9. Voipfone Address Book Dialler (TAPI Plugin)

      40 Topics 156 Posts

      This free software links the Voipfone service to other software that you may have on your PC such as your Contacts in Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Sage, ACT and most standard TAPI programs. Try it and tell us what you can make it work with.

      40 Topics
      156 Posts
    10. Browser Dialler Plugins

      12 Topics 39 Posts

      Our web browser plugins allow you to automatically dial any telephone number shown on a website just by clicking on it - no matter what telephone you are using.

      12 Topics
      39 Posts

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